CIW is pleased to announce a grants round to support Chinese studies’ academic staff in their innovative, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary activities, connecting China, Taiwan, and Chinese diaspora scholars both nationally and internationally.


Funding up to $15,000 is available for activities that enhance the study of China, Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora in Australia, whether in research, teaching, or engagement.

Applications are accepted from CIW members actively engaged in research or teaching that furthers our understanding of the Chinese world, addressing both its traditions and contemporary developments in a rapidly changing world.

An application can be submitted only once funds from an earlier successful funding application have been fully acquitted.

Funding available

Funding up to a value of $15,000 will be available for the following range of activities:

• Research: Funding is available for small projects, with priority given to collaborative inter-disciplinary projects that have the potential to attract further funding. Applicants
• Workshops, conferences and networking events: Workshops should be multidisciplinary, intellectually creative and have a focused theme. They should be aimed at producing a significant publication, a specific research agenda, or the discussion of new or expanded methodological contributions to the field.
• Scholarly visits: Funding will be awarded for short-term visits to Australia or within Australia by significant scholars in Chinese studies. Visits should be related to research, collaboration or mentoring activities; and can include visiting overseas scholars who are engaged in research collaboration with colleagues at Australian universities.
• Teaching: Funding can be sought for innovative education projects that enhance understanding of the Chinese world.
• Public events: Events that engage with the broader public and disseminate research in an accessible manner will also be considered.

Evaluation criteria

Each application will be evaluated against the criteria listed below.


• A completed application form and relevant supporting documents that observe word-limit requirements.
• Evidence of mature consideration of the long-term value and direction of the work and of its collaborative nature.
• The potential for the project to contribute to creative and original research or educational activities in the study of China, Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora in Australia and overseas.
• Clearly identified outcomes that will enhance understanding of the Chinese world.
• A carefully considered budget that includes clear justifications and rationales for all proposed expenditures and that demonstrates clear value for money. All budgets must conform with ANU policies.


• Potential to stimulate inter-disciplinary collaboration with ANU Chinese studies’ specialists and/or with scholars at other Australian universities.
• Potential for wider public interest in the project’s outputs.
• Partners from external institutions are encouraged.

Decision process

Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis by a panel of ANU China specialists from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. The panel will be chaired by the Associate Dean (Research), College of Asia & the Pacific.

Submitting an application

The deadline for applications is Friday 7 August 2023 for activities to be carried out by the end of 2024.

Please download a copy of the application form. Once you have completed the application form, please submit it online using Google Forms.

For further information or advice, please contact ciw@anu.edu.au.