Tony Edwards
M. Translation - Classical Chinese (ANU), B.Arts (Macquarie)

Tony is currently a PhD Candidate at the School of Culture, History & Language specialising in late-imperial Taoism. His research examines the lay practice and transmission of the Taoist tradition of meditation known as Internal Alchemy during the late Qing and Republic and the intersection between politics and religion during the 1911 Revolution.


Academic Translations (selection)

Zhu Guanming 朱冠明. “The Sinicization of Buddhist Scriptural Language.” In The Palgrave Handbook of Chinese Language Studies, edited by Zhengdao Ye, translated by T. L. Edwards, 213-252.
Singapore: Springer Singapore, 2022.
[Source text: Fodian yuyan de zhongguohua 佛典語⾔的中國化]

Lin Huayong 林华勇, and Yan Niting 颜铌婷. “Advances in the Study of the Grammaticalization of Chinese Dialects.” In The Palgrave Handbook of Chinese Language Studies, edited by Zhengdao Ye, translated by T. L. Edwards, 155–185.
Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore, 2022.
[Source Text: Hanyu fangyan yufahua yanjiu de jinzhan 汉语⽅⾔语法 化研究的进展]




Nominated: CAP Teaching Awards 2022, Commendation for Excellence in Education (ASIA1025)


  • Guest Lecture for ASIA3034: The Contemporary Chinese World 
    • Revolution and Revelation: The Intersection between Politics and Religion in the 1911 Revolution
  • Guest Lecture for ASIA1030: Asia and the Pacific in Motion
    • “Qigong Fever”: Mass Religiosity in the People’s Republic of China
  • Guest Lecture for ASIA1025: Asia and the Pacific: Power, Diversity and Change
    • Positionality and its Role in Asian Studies 


Courses Taught (Tutor)

  • ASIA2054 - Chinese Philosophy: Creation and Development
    • Semester One, 2023
  • ASIA2222 - Taiwanese Society and Politics
    • Summer Session, 2024
    • Summer Session, 2023
    • Summer Session, 2022
    • Summer Session, 2021
  • ASIA1030 - Asia and the Pacific in Motion
    • Semester Two, 2023
    • Semester Two, 2022
  • ASIA1025 - Asia and the Pacific: Power, Diversity and Change
    • Semester One, 2022

Classical Chinese, Mandarin, and Ancient Greek

Research Interest

Research Interests

  • Modern China, Asian history, intellectual history, religious studies, and translation studies
  • Intellectual and political currents in early twentieth century China
  • Taoism in the late Qing and Republic
  • Religion and the 1911 Revolution
  • The lay practice of Internal Alchemy
  • Religious movements in 19th century Sichuan
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • The reception of Taoism in the West
  • Spirit-writing movements
  • Alchemical language
  • Redemptive societies
  • The translation of religious terminology from Classical Chinese
  • The comparative study of contemplative traditions and psycho-physiological cultivation practices
  • Religious printing during the late Qing and Republic

HDR Supervisor/s

Benjamin Penny Mark Strange Elena Valussi

Thesis Title/Topic

Internal Alchemy in Transition: Wang Qihuo (1839-1917) and his disciples Wei Yao and Xu Songyao

Expertise Area(s)

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