The Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) warmly invites you to the Assembly exhibition opening. 

Opening remarks will be delivered by Dr Mikala Tai, Head of Visual Arts, Creative Australia, and the evening will feature a live musical performance from Assembly artist Chun Yin Rainbow Chan 陳雋然.

An ‘assembly’ can be a temporary collective with a shared sense of purpose, or a creative, resilient (and sometimes precarious) construction. Curated by Dr Olivier Krischer, Assembly brings together eight Hong Kong-born artists from different generations of the diaspora. Amid the current wave of migration, this exhibition explores the act of ‘making sense’ of layers and fragments, of memories and stories, told or untold.  Assembly embraces the resonance and dissonance between the diverse creative practices of these artists, questioning readymade notions of diasporic identity.

Exhibiting artists include Chun Yin Rainbow Chan 陳雋然, Nikki Lam, Firenze Lai Ching Yin 黎清妍, Pamela Leung, Cyrus Wai-Kuen Tang, Hiram To 杜子卿, Howie Tsui Ho Yan 徐浩恩, John Young AM 楊子榮.  

Assembly will be showing daily from 12 February to 24 May 2024, from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays with selected weekend viewings. 

Visit the exhibition webpage for further information on the exhibition and the latest public program.