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The Australian National University
Jane Golley

Dr Jane Golley

Acting Director

DPhil (Economics), Oxford University
MPhil (Economics), Oxford University
Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours), ANU

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Jane Golley is an economist focused on a range of Chinese transition and development issues. She is an Associate Professor and the Acting Director of the Australian Centre on China in the World, ANU, and head of the China Numbers research stream. Her career has taken her from the Asia Section of the Australian Commonwealth Treasury to the World Bank in Washington DC, and the UNU’s World Institute for Development Economics Research in Helsinki. Jane spent eight years studying and teaching at the University of Oxford, where her thesis was on ‘The Dynamics of Chinese Regional Development’. Returning to ANU, she worked in the School of Economics and then the Crawford School of Economics and Government, where she developed a graduate course on ‘China in the World’. Jane was the president of the Chinese Economic Society Australia in 2010–2012, and continues to be an active member of that society.

Other Languages

  • Chinese
  • Japanese

Research Interests

  • demographic change and economic growth
  • urban–rural income and educational inequalities
  • urbanisation
  • regional development and industrial agglomeration
  • comparative economic systems and ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’
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Current Projects

  • rural–urban demographic transitions, sectoral change and provincial-level economic growth
  • inequality of opportunity in education in rural and urban China
  • Sino-capitalist urbanisation
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PhD Students

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Selected Publications

Contributions to The China Story

‘Revolution to riches’, in Geremie R. Barmé with Jeremy Goldkorn eds, China Story Yearbook 2013: Civilising China,Canberra: Australian Centre on China in the World, 2013, online at:

‘Uncertain numbers, uncertain outcomes’, in Geremie R. Barmé with Jeremy Goldkorn, Carolyn Cartier and Gloria Davies eds, China Story Yearbook 2012: Red Rising Red Eclipse, Canberra: Australian Centre on China in the World, 2012, online at:

‘ “Cruise and snooze” or “strive and thrive”: Take your pick’, The China Story Journal, 15 November 2012, online at:

‘China’s gender imbalances: Ready, able, squeeze’, The China Story Journal, 11 September 2012, online at:

‘Renminbi’, The China Story Lexicon, 6 August 2012, online at:


‘"Green" productivity growth in China’s industrial economy?’, with Shiyi Chen, Energy Economics Vol.44 (2014): 89–98.

‘Gender rebalancing in China’, with Rod Tyers, Asian Population Studies, vol.10, no.2 (2014): 125–43.

‘Inequality in the intergenerational mobility of education in China’, with Sherry Tao Kong, China and the World Economy, vol.21, no.2 (March 2013): 15–37

‘Population pessimism and economic optimism in China and India’, with Rod Tyers, The World Economy,vol.35, no.11 (2012): 1387–1416

‘Income inequality and carbon dioxide emissions: The case of Chinese urban households’, with Xin Meng, Energy Economics, vol.34 (2012): 1864–72


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