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The Australian National University

Dr Gloria Davies / 黄樂嫣

Gloria Davies

Adjunct Director, CIW

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Gloria Davies is a literary scholar, historian and translator whose research covers a range of areas: Chinese intellectual and literary history from the 1890s to the present; contemporary Chinese thought; comparative literature and critical theory; and studies of cultural flows in the digital age. She is convenor of Chinese Studies at Monash University and an Associate Professor.

She is currently completing a book manuscript entitled Guns and Words: Lu Xun, Revolutionary Literature, Shanghai. She is also writing a monograph about the language of digital dissent in Sino-cyberspace, and essays on Chinese intellectual discourse. She is a member of the Centre's Management Group.

Trained in Sinology at ANU, she read literary theory and worked on modern Chinese literary history as a graduate student at the University of Melbourne. She has extensive experience in developing inter-disciplinary and inter-Faculty collaborative projects.

Main Publications

  1. "Affirming the Human in China," boundary 2, Vol.37, No. 1 Spring 2010, 57-90, which explores the influence of premodern and early modern Chinese ideas on contemporary understandings of the human and of rights in China.
  2. "Moral Emotions and Chinese Thought" Michigan Quarterly Review (Spring 2008): pp.221-244.
  3. "Habermas in China: Theory as Catalyst," in China Journal No.57 (Jan 2007), pp. 61-85.
  4. Worrying about China: The Language of Chinese Critical Inquiry (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press,2007), a study of post-Maoist Chinese intellectual discourse with a comparative focus on differences between Euro-American and Chinese varieties of critical inquiry.
  5. Globalisation and the Asian Region: Impacts and Consequences, edited and co-authored with Chris Nyland (Cheltenham, UK and Lyme, US: Edward Elgar, 2004).
  6. "Have We Been Noticed Yet? Intellectual Contestation and the Chinese Web", co-authored with Geremie R Barmé in Merle Goldman and Edward X Gu (eds), Chinese Intellectuals between the Market and the State. London: Routledge, 75-108.
  7. "Anticipating Community, Producing Dissent: The Politics of Recent Chinese Intellectual Praxis," The China Review, Vol. 2, No. 2 (2002), pp. 1-35. An extended Chinese version appears as "Zhōngguó zhīshíjiè Gòngtóngtǐ zhuīqiú zhōngde fēnqí" in Xu Jilin, ed. Gōnggòngxìng yǔ gōnggòng zhīshífènzǐ (Jiāngsū rénmín chūbǎnshè, 2003), pp.249-281.
  8. "Liang Qichao in Australia: A Soujourn of No Significance?" East Asian History, No.21, June 2001, pp. 65-111.
  9. Voicing Concerns: Contemporary Chinese Critical Inquiry, author,editor and translator (Lanham, Md: Rowman and Littlefield).
  10. "Theory, Professionalism and Chinese Studies," Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Vol. 12, No.1, Spring 2000, pp. 1-42.

Recent Publications (2005-2010)


Political Actors and Ideas in Contemporary Asia, with J. Vin d'Cruz and Nathan Hollier (eds.) (Melbourne, Australia: Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2008)

Worrying about China : The Language of Chinese Critical Inquiry (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2007)

Book Chapters

"Jin Xing: China's Transsexual Star of Dance," (with ME Davies) Celebrity in China, Louise Edwards and Elaine Jeffreys, eds. (University of Hong Kong Press, 2010), 169-191.

"Hallyu ballyhoo and Harisu: Marketing and Representing the Transgendered in South Korea," (with ME Davies and Young-A Cho) Complicated Currents: Media Flows, Soft Power and East Asia, Daniel Black, Stephen Epstein, Alison Tokita, eds. (Monash epress, 2010), 09.1-09.12.

"Affirming Chinese Identity in a Language of Violence: Reflections on Writings by China's New Nationalists" [.pdf] (with Guanjun Wu). Proceedings of the 17th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, 2008.

"Correct Ideas: The Development of Shanghai's Town Insurance Scheme", (with Ingrid Nielsen, Russell Smyth) in Nielsen and Smyth eds. Migration and Social Protection in China (Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, March 2008)

"Righting Wrongs: The Language of Policy Reform and China's Migrant Workers" (with Scott Grant). Submitted, contracted for publication in Nielsen and Smyth eds. Migration and Social Protection in China (Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, March 2008).

"Internal Migration and Social Security Compliance in China', (with Gaby Ramia and Chris Nyland). Globalisation and Labour Mobility in India and China: ABERU Conference Proceedings, Melbourne, Monash University, Asian Business and Economics Research Unit, 29-30 September, 2005.

Refereed and Invited Journal Articles

"Affirming the Human in China," boundary 2, Vol. 37, No. 1 Spring 2010, pp.57-90.

"The 'X Component' in Shanghai's Social Security Reforms," (with Neilsen, Nyland, Smyth, Zhu) International Social Security Review, 2009, Vol. 62 No. 2, pp.35-60.

"Social Security Compliance in China: Regime-Types and National Circumstances," (with Gaby Ramia, Chris Nyland) International Social Security Review, 2008, Vol. 61 No. 1, pp.1-22.

"Governance Reform Towards Serving Migrant Workers," (with Gaby Ramia) China Quarterly, 2008, Vol. 193, pp.140-149.

"Moral Emotions and Chinese Thought" Michigan Quarterly Review (Spring 2008): pp.221-244.

"China's Reformists: From Liberalism to the Third Way," Global Dialogue, Vol. 9, No. 1-2, (Winter/Spring 2007), pp. 39-49.

"Habermas in China: Theory as Catalyst," in China Journal No.57 (Jan 2007), pp. 61-85.

"Wang Hui: The Historian as Social Critic" in Overland No. 182, 2006, pp. 68-73.

Other Publications

"The Shanghai Haze", China Heritage Quarterly No. 22, June 2010.

"Filmed Founding Myths", (with ME Davies) China Heritage Quarterly, No.20 (December 2009).

"Should we worry about Chinese patriotism?", Harvard University Press Author Forum (May 2008); a Chinese version was published on Xuéshù Zhōngguó (Intellectual China).

"Bibliomania in Sino-Cyberspace"" China Heritage Quarterly, No. 13 (March 2008).

Encyclopaedia Entries

Entries on "academic e-journals", "Gan Yang" and "Xu Jilin" in Edward Davis, ed., Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture (2005, RoutledgeCurzon).

Book Reviews

Review of Eric Hayot, Haun Saussy, Steven G Yao, Sinographies: Writing China, Asian Studies Review (2010, forthcoming).

"Serious Fashion", Review of Antonia Finnane, Changing clothes in China: fashion, history, nation, Columbia University Press, 2008, in Australian Book Review.

Review of Zhang Longxi, Allegoresis, Religion and Literature No. 38.3 (Autumn 2006).

Published Interviews

Cited in Kirsten Didi Tatlow, "In Search of a Modern Humanism in China", 13 May 2010, New York Times.

Cited in Goh Sui Noi, "China's Modernisation", Straits Times (3 July 2008).

"Worrying about China" (in conversation with Alan Saunders), Philosophers' Zone, ABC Radio National, 23 August 2008).

Invited Conference and Seminar Presentations

"Lu Xun's Human Path," at Humanistic International: Humanism, China, Globalism (5-6 March 2010, Harvard University).

"Homo Dissensum Significans: The Perils of Taking a Stand in China", at Chinese Elites and their Rivals: Past, Present and Future (19-20 July 2010, University of Melbourne).

"Ways of Being Human in Chinese" (in Chinese) 16 September 2010, at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Fudan University.

"Perilous Passion: Lu Xun and his Critics", The Passion of Politics, (ANU China Institute, Canberra, December 7-9 2009).

"The Human as the Benevolent: Confucian Legacies and Intellectual Publicity in China", invited public lecture sponsored by the University of Tasmania (Hobart, 5 October 2009).

"Certitude and Linguistic Play in Chinese Critical Inquiry," Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference (Chicago, 26-29 March 2009). This roundtable on Worrying about China was sponsored by the AAS China and Inner Asia Council.

"Affirming Chinese Identity in a Language of Violence: Reflections on Writings by China's New Nationalists," (with Guanjun Wu), Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (Melbourne, 4-7 July 2008).

"Of One Mind: Mao Zedong and Lu Xun" (with Geremie R Barmé), Key Thinkers Seminar Series (The Australian National University, Canberra, 15 April 2008).

"Affirming the Human in China" Human Rights and China (Claremont McKenna College, 6-7 March 2008).

"What Happens to Democracy when It Becomes Minzhu?", Critics, Sceptics and Enemies of Democracy (University of Sydney, 12 October 2007).

"Internal Migration and Social Security Compliance in China",(with Gaby Ramia, Chris Nyland) at Globalisation and Labour Mobility in India and China (Monash, Caulfield, September 2005).

Other Conference Presentations

"Desiring Perfection: Chinese Thought and Its Self-Oriented Trajectory," Chinese Visions on a Planetary Scale (15-17 August 2007), conference co-organizer (with Geremie Barmé and Timothy Cheek).

"Hallyu, Harisu and Ballyhoo: Marketing and Representing Gender Variance in South Korea", (with ME Davies and Young-A Cho) Media Flows in the East Asian Region (6-7 August 2005), conference co-organizer (with Alison Tokita and Young-A Cho).

"What Price Deconstruction? Reflections on a certain Chinese intellectual resistance to the impossibility of closure" at Cultural Borders and Bridges: Europe and Asia (Monash, Clayton, 4-5 November 2005), conference co-organizer.

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