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The Australian National University

Our People

The Australian Centre on China in the World is made up of an Advisory Board, Management Group, academic specialists including Postdoctoral Fellows and PhD Scholars, and professional staff.

Academic Staff

Full time

Geremie R. Barmé, Centre Director
Research Theme: China Time

Benjamin Penny, Deputy Director
Research Theme: China Everyday

Rebecca Fabrizi, Senior Strategic Research Fellow
Research Theme: China Global

Jane Golley, Associate Director
Research Theme: China Numbers

Luigi Tomba, Associate Director
Research Theme: China Urban


Adjunct Research Staff

Carolyn Cartier, Adjunct Director
Research Theme: China Urban

Gloria Davies, Adjunct Director
Research Theme: China Texts

Gerry Groot, Adjunct Director

Mark Harrison, Adjunct Director

Sue Trevaskes, Adjunct Director
Research Theme: China Justice


Adjunct Academic Staff

Linda Jaivin, Consultant, CIW Editorial Advice

Louise Merrington, Visiting Fellow

Richard Rigby, Associate Director

Sang Ye, Visiting Fellow, Project Advice


CIW Postdoctoral Fellows

Huang Hsuan-Ying
Hsuan-Ying is a graduate of Harvard University. He is working on a manuscript on the recent "psycho-boom" in urban China and is going to explore the spiritual turn in the psycho-boom movement.

Olivier Krischer
Olivier is an art history graduate of the University of Tsukuba, Japan. Interested in the social and political roles of art, at CIW he is researching the role of Japan in Chinese art of the 1980s-1990s.

Elisa Nesossi
Elisa is a graduate of SOAS, University of London, and her topic is 'Miscarriages of Justice in the People's Republic of China: New Perspectives on Criminal Justice'.

Qian Ying
Ying is a graduate of Harvard University. She is completing a book manuscript on documentary cinema in China's revolutionary century, while beginning to research for her second book project, on writing, translation and filmmaking in China's multi-ethnic and multi-lingual border regions.

Nathan Woolley
A graduate of ANU, Nathan is conducting research on regional identity and representations of Jiangnan from late imperial times to the present.

Zhang Jinghong
Jinghong is a graduate of ANU, and her topic is “The Verbal and Visual Representation of Tea Tasting in China and Taiwan.” Jinghong commenced with CIW in October 2013.

Zhu Yujie     
Yujie is a graduate of Heidelberg University, Germany, and his topic is politics of culture heritage and tourism development in historical cities of modern China.


CIW Strategic Research Fellow

Ryan Manuel
Ryan is a Strategic Research Fellow at CIW. He is a political scientist working on policy implementation in China, and on the Australia-China relationship. 


CIW PhD Scholars

Beyongo M. Dynamic
PhD Project working title: ‘Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Australia and Zambia’.

Jennifer Chang
PhD Project working title: 'China's Segmented Labour Market - an Examination of Rural-Urban Migration and the Implication for Growth'.

Chen Shuxia
PhD Project working title: ‘ "Amateur" Cultural Production in an Authoritarian State: Chinese Photography Groups, 1979-1989’.

Rowena Ebsworth
PhD Project working title: ‘Urban Development Politics and Student Mobilisation in Taiwan”.

Paul Farrelly
PhD Project working title: 'C.C. Wang, Terry Hu and a History of New Age Religion in Taiwan'.

Huang Chao
PhD Project working title: ‘T-section Discs in Ancient China and Mainland Southeast Asia (ca.2500-500BCE)’.

Jane Liang
PhD Project working title: 'Higher Education Lobbying and Chinese Elite Universities'.

David Murphy
PhD Project working title: 'The Rise of Vested Interests in Chinese Industry and their Impact on Policy-making’.

Qian Linliang
PhD Project working title: 'Living on E-Commerce: An Ethnographic Study of E-Traders in a Chinese city'.

Caroline Stevenson
PhD Project working title: 'Amherst Embassy to the Jiaqing Emperor, 1816'.

Zhou Yun
PhD Project working title: ‘Tokyo Chinese Christians 1860-1952’.

Zhu Yayun
PhD Project working title: 'Nanjing in Late-Ming and Early-Qing China'.

Professional Staff

Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, Centre Manager

Lindy Allen, Editor
Nancy Chiu, Project Officer
Martina Fechner, Project Officer
Jasmine Lin, Administrative Officer
Will Sima, Research Officer
Sharon Strange, Research Assistant
Neil Thomas, Project Officer
Celiya Young, Finance Officer
Markuz Wernli, Research Design Manager
Wuqiriletu, Research Officer

CIW Alumni

Tsai Tsan-Huang
Tsan-Huang, a graduate of the University of Oxford, is an ethnomusicologist who focuses on musical cultures of Taiwan and China. He is currently working on book with the topic ‘From the Scholarly Chamber to the World Stage’.

Brian Tsui
Brian, a historian, works on radical politics in twentieth-century China and Asia.

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