Global markets roiled by Trump’s threat of expanded tariffs on Chinese goods

6 May 2019
Dr Jane Golley, Acting Director of CIW, comments on Trump's strategy in US-China trade negotiation.

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Uyghurs: Crazy rules that could see you locked up in China

29 April 2019
In an interview with, Dr Gerry Groot says the "slow motion humanitarian disaster" happening in Xinjiang is a result of the Chinese Communist Party not knowing how to deal with the country's religious minorities over many decades.

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Our use of credit cards could allow China to overtake the US in the global tech race, says Australian National University

14 April 2019
Dr Andrew Kennedy, one of the contributors to the China Story Yearbook: Power, commented on China's technological ambitions, more specifically in data collection, highlighting the drawbacks.

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Why is emerging global superpower China still categorised as a 'developing' country?

11 April 2019
Controversially, China self identifies as a developing country under WTO and may appear to be unfair. Dr Jane Golley, Acting Director of CIW, suggested the state's involvement in the banking sector and the elevated status of state-owned enterprises have made China more globally competitive.

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China pressures US allies in Huawei tug-of-war

24 February 2019
China looks to be upping economic pressure on Australia and New Zealand in hopes of pulling them away from the U.S. campaign to freeze Huawei Technologies out of high-speed 5G networks across the world, leaving the neighboring countries in a difficult position.

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US China trade talks

In pursuing a trade deal, the U.S. may be asking China to do the unthinkable

14 February 2019
Dr Jane Golley, Acting Director of CIW, joined other China specialists to comment on the state's influence on the Chinese economy in light of the US-China trade war.

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Beijing's National Museum of China

40 years on from the 'experiments' that transformed China into an economic superpower

2 December 2018
Professor Richard Rigby and Dr Jane Golley comment on China's 40 years of economic reform

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Still poor or a superpower? Defining China central to trade dispute

1 December 2018
Dr Jane Golley comments on the income disparities in China.

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