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Masters Courses

The Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) is offering two new Master's courses. The courses will be delivered in person and are available to all ANU Masters' students.

CIW will organise opportunities for on-campus students to interact with lecturers and tutors, including regular office hours and ‘CIW student days’.

For other activities on China held at the centre please consult the CIW website. Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in seminars, film screenings and other social activities organised at the Centre.

ASIA8514 China: Wealth and Power

During the last four decades, China has undergone a dramatic process of 'economic reform and opening up' under the political leadership of the Communist Party of China. The combination of economic reform and political stability has generated rates of economic growth unprecedented in world history, triggering profound economic and social change within China and substantially altering China's role in an increasingly globalised world.

This graduate course will be offered in First Semester 2017 and will be convened by Jane Golley.

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ASIA8513 China: the Big Questions

Sample lecture: Geremie R Barmé 'What Is China and Why Study It?' [Part 1 of 3] from DigitalCAP
  • What is China and why study it?
  • Is China capitalist?
  • Is the Party in control?
  • What do Chinese people believe?
  • Is China a threat?
  • Is China buying the world?
  • What does Mao Zedong have to do with today’s China?

While questions about China have become ubiquitous as it returns to international prominence, public debates have often been polarised around simplistic answers. This course is not about finding the right answers to these questions but rather about providing students with the appropriate background to form independent opinions on the most significant debates that surround China in the twenty-first century. Students will be exposed to a range of ideas about China from the perspectives of both humanities and social sciences, so as to develop an understanding of China’s present and future in the context of its past.

Each week, one of CIW’s academic staff (including Geremie R. Barmé, Rebecca Fabrizi, Jane Golley, Elisa Nesossi, Benjamin Penny and Luigi Tomba) will introduce and discuss major issues and debates surrounding one ‘Big Question’.

This graduate course is not offered until further notice.

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Course Enrolment

For information on how to enrol for these courses please refer to the ANU Enrolment page.

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